AN310 – Digital 4-Drives Controller

AN310 – Digital 4-Drives Controller

The module series AN310 are universal CNC controllers, which can be used in all drive applications. The controller’s special software make them especially well suited for use in hydraulic power drive applications. In cause of its versatility, the AN310 can be used as well for the control of simple proportional valves as for the control of highly dynamic drives with servo or control valves and their integration in a control loop. The controllers of the AN310 series use a fast 32 bit RISC processor of the MPC555 family. The built-in math coprocessor offers high speed calculations. This powerful computing system provides a standard software package, allowing the synchronous control of 4 cylinders.

Up to 4 incremental displacement encoders and 4 displacement encoders with SSI interface can be used simultaneously. It is of course possible, to mix the different sensors . For redundant operation it is possible to combine the simultaneous use of incremental and SSI displacement pickups.

Using additional options, it is possible to make the control system field bus compatible and allows to use PC-Cards (e.g. Flash-Memory).

The following features should to be highlighted:

  • Position control with feed-forward quantities
  • Pressure or force control with PI action
  • Valve characteristics can be taken into account using adjustable linearization
  • The enabling or disabling of the I-control-gain as a function of operating conditions
  • Processing of the speed, using either differentiated displacement or tachometers
  • Combination of positional control / force limiting / pressure control / speed control
  • Processing of the acceleration, using either acceleration sensors or pressure sensors (area corrected differential pressure = differential force). In the case of dynamically difficult systems, working conditions can be significantly improved.
  • Improved control operation by use of direction dependant speed feed-forward. As a result, the contouring error is reduced. In systems with low resonant frequency, a good accuracy can be obtained in spite of reduced circuit amplification. This is especially important in systems, which are using 4 synchronised cylinders.

The AN310 uses 2 quadruple D/A converters with 14 bit resolution. The first group will control the 4 drives, the second group of 4 can be used for special tasks.
The output signals of the first D/A converter can be either ±10V, ±10mA and ±20mA, which allows the control of most ordinary servo valves, control valves and proportional valves.

The A/D converters have 16 bit resolution and can handle up to 16 input channels. 8 of these input channels are designed in such a way, that they can be adapted to any input signal by small modules. The other 8 channels are ±10V inputs.

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