AN305 – 2 Axis Synchro Controller

AN305 – 2 Axis Synchro Controller

The module AN305 is a universal CNC control, which is basically suitable for all applications in drive engineering. Due to the special software features of the controller, the system is particularly interesting for hydraulic drives.

The AN305 module is equipped with a fast 32 bit processor providing a high computing speed. This compact high capacity computer system is equipped with standard software in order to ensure a wide range of applications. This standard software supports the operation of two synchronized drives. The number of drives to be controlled can be increased by using several parallel modules by connection of a field bus. A higher-level input terminal can manage the operation of several modules.

The AN305 module permits the application of incremental position encoders and absolute shaft-angle encoders as well as of ultrasonic transducers. A combination of these transducers is also possible. Displacement and angle measurements can be made using incremental rotary transducers or linear measuring systems. The AN305 module is equipped with the required counting device, sign logic and pulse quadruplication circuitry for the operation of incremental position encoder systems. The position encoder must be provided with two pulse tracks offset by 90°. An additional reference pulse is required to provide a datum for the module. As an option, displacement and angle measurements with absolute angular shaft encoders is possible via 2 SSI-interfaces. If serial interfaces are used, the wiring of the position encoders can be simplified. These absolute position transducer systems effect position measurements using the phase shift of a reflected sound pulse. The decoding electronics of the module AN305 enables a resolution of up to 2.5 µm to be achieved. For two position transducer systems, the module provides the supply voltage of ±15V for two ultrasonic transducers. Data input is menu-driven and carried out via a keyboard and an LCD. The program is built with modules for each part of the system. Individual blocks or the full system can be accessed by external control. A suitable field bus or RS 232 input can also be used.

  • Position controller as state controller of reduced order with feed forward
  • Combined position control/force limitation and pressure control
  • Pressure/force control with PI-controller
  • Optional speed feedback either by means of position differentiation or tachometer
  • Optional feedback of acceleration either via acceleration sensor or differential pressure
  • Improved guidance due to feed forward depending on the direction of movement
  • Adjustable enable and disable function of the integrator
  • Nonlinear valve flow characteristic can be compensated by adjustable linearization

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